Bringing Talent and Business Together in the Willamette Valley for Over 10 Years.

At CanStaff, our mission is to bring together the Willamette Valley’s diverse workforce with our robust and growing business community. Our goal is to find each person that right fit – not just a job, but a future… while providing our business partners with the best qualified people for their ever-changing workplace.

To Job Seekers – we get to know you so we can make a better informed placement. After all, you’re not just a resume, you’re an asset. To Employers – we strive to understand your business, your workflow process… and unique culture.

It’s no secret – people are searching for great jobs and employers are searching for great people.

CanStaff bridging the gap between job seekers and employers CanStaff Careers


CanStaff provides a personalized service conducting one-on-one, in-person interviews with every applicant to ensure that both our applicants and employers get what they are looking for. We follow up with both the employer and the applicant to confirm the assignment is the right fit and to provide any assistance or improve upon our service. As a company, we genuinely care about our employers and employees. We are CanStaff Employment Services… your local staffing solution.