Let CanStaff Employment Services help build your winning team.

Whether you need dozens of employees to meet production goals, a few qualified home healthcare aides to ensure patient care, or have a single key position that must be filled, CanStaff Employment Services can help you find the best people. We are your local staffing solution. CanStaff’s comprehensive screening ensures we send you the right candidate, the first time.

We visit you on location to get to know your needs, facility and culture, and talk to anyone involved in hiring or managing your employees.

Let us handle the details of payroll and administrative HR tasks like unemployment claims, check distribution and tax form preparation.

You focus on what you know best – your business. We’ll keep doing what we do best – staffing your business.


Services We Provide:


Temporary help to fill in for vacations, sick days, maternity leave or busy seasons. We provide pre-screened workers who are ready when you have pressing deadlines, or to reach production or distribution goals, ensure patient care or keep your office running smoothly. CanStaff Employment Services guarantees our employees and will refund the first four hours as long as we are permitted to replace the worker. We staff for a variety of industries and can often times send qualified personnel the same day. Typically it takes a business several days to hire on a new employee. The upside to hiring a temp is if they are a great fit – you can hire then on permanent!

Temporary-to-Hire (Our Specialty)

This is the core of our business. Temp-to-hire staffing enables you to evaluate a candidate for 13 weeks (520 hours) before deciding whether or not to hire that person permanently. During this 13-week period, the employee is on CanStaff’s payroll and on our workers comp and unemployment. This relieves you of exposure to potentially expensive claims by a new employee. We also handle all disciplinary actions, garnishments and termination during this period. Keep in mind, we offer the same 4-hour money-back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the skill, reliability or work ethic of our candidate, let us know and we will send you a replacement.

Direct Hire

Let CanStaff Employment Services search for your next full-time employee. We’ll recruit, screen and interview candidates – you choose from only the top prospects to shorten your time to hire and reduce hiring risks. We’ll conduct a background check and any other onboarding tasks you require including drug testing, certificate and education verification, reference checks and testing. We offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on our permanent placements which is to our knowledge, by far tops in our industry.

Employee Leasing

We offer employee leasing so we can take over a company’s full payroll for them. This is particularly helpful to smaller businesses where the owner wears many hats or new businesses where HR and administrative tasks take away from day-to-day operations which are necessary to move the revenue needle. With employee leasing, we manage the entire payroll while using the employer’s workers comp rates. This service really allows a small organization to concentrate on growing their business instead of pushing paper – great for small contractors and start-ups!

The CanStaff Commitment

No matter which of our service(s) you select, you’ll experience value with CanStaff and a quality of service that sets the standard in our industry. In addition to furnishing your business with well-qualified individuals who have been interviewed in person by our employment specialists, you’ll especially appreciate the personal follow-up that has become the CanStaff trademark. It’s this commitment to excellence that our client partners have come to expect and we’ll extend that same level of service to your business. Thank you for your consideration – we look forward to helping your business reach that next level!