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CanStaff is constantly on the lookout for skilled and qualified candidates to match our clients. Whether you're seeking a full-time opportunity or a contract position, CanStaff conducts in-person interviews with every candidate to understand their aspirations and skill set.


The two primary advantages of working with a CanStaff recruiter are priority and access. As a CanStaff candidate, you gain access to career opportunities that aren't always visible to the public. Our clients often prefer to make hiring decisions and expand their teams without being overwhelmed by a flood of applicants from major job boards or public posting sites. Moreover, when a CanStaff recruiter discusses a specific position with you, you receive immediate consideration without the uncertainty of a typical job application process. Think of it as a fast pass to the front of the line!

Virtual Meeting


When you arrive at CanStaff, our friendly staff will welcome you and guide you through the interview process. Additionally, we offer virtual interviews for your convenience, allowing you to meet with our recruiters remotely.

Please ensure you bring two forms of identification to your interview, such as a driver's license or government-issued ID card along with a social security card or birth certificate. Other acceptable forms of ID for our application process include a passport, Permanent Residence Card, Foreign Passport with a temporary I-551 stamp, Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766), or any document containing a photograph.


All candidates meeting with our recruiters must complete our application. Your recruiter may send you the application electronically before your appointment, or you can fill it out in our office upon arrival.

Our application includes essential paperwork that will be crucial once you are placed with one of our clients. You will be required to fill out the following forms:

1. Standard Application Form
2. Tax Forms
3. CanStaff forms
4. Background Authorization Form

Woman Filling Out a Paper Form
Interviewer speaking with a job candidate in an office


This interview provides our recruiters with the best insight into your skill set, professional background, and career goals. During the interview, you will discuss your career aspirations and what you seek in your next opportunity. We'll discuss the priorities you have for a new role or career move. This process helps us identify individuals who are the best match for our clients, considering their business requirements, corporate culture, and specific position requirements. Our goal is to find the perfect fit for both our clients and candidates.

Prepare to discuss the following with your CanStaff recruiter:

  • Your work history and experience

  • Future career goals

  • Salary expectations

  • Commute preferences

  • Benefit requirements

  • Educational background

  • Specific quantifiable achievements


When applying for a position, it's crucial to stand out from the competition. Whether it's crafting your resume, asking insightful questions during the interview, or sending a thank-you note afterward, setting yourself apart is key to standing out.


There are several effective strategies to achieve this:

  1. Highlighting specific achievements that contributed to your past employers' success, such as exceeding sales expectations, implementing cost-saving measures, maintaining perfect attendance, or renegotiating contracts to save money.

  2. Emphasizing quantifiable accomplishments that differentiate you from other candidates.

  3. Tailoring your resume and interview responses to focus on results and concrete accomplishments.

At CanStaff, we believe that showcasing your contributions to previous employers is the most effective way to stand out and secure your desired position, regardless of your job title or tenure.

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